Singles Going Steady: "I Don't Want To Check My Bank Account" by Louis Cole

"I Don't Want To Check My Bank Account" can most accurately be categorized as an 'anonymous-feeling' YouTube novelty. It's easy to consider its relatable message of...not wanting to check one's bank the most resonating concept found within the track and call it a day at that.  

But that's short-sighted. 

Am I IN LOVE with this 1:33 slice of Minneapolis-style Jimmy Jam? No. (In spite of listening to it 3 times in 5 minutes,) do I see myself listening to it tomorrow? I don't know, but probably, not. 

But, let me say this to Mr. Louis Cole and to all of you who happen to be reading this:

I've heard way worse — and way less groovy — by way more pretentious 'artists.'

And I will call it a day at THAT.