Lovers At Lightspeed (EP) by Sugar Glyder

 Lovers At Lightspeed by Sugar Glyder is one of those rare sort of EPs that satisfies like a full album.  It packs muscular alternative rock songs into six diverse and exhilerating concoctions.  While a 30 second listen brings bands like Yellowcard to mind, Sugar Glyder is actually better and far more intriguing.  The band actually feels like a first cousin to bands like The Walkman, Dashboard Confessional, Fall Out Boy, Kings of Leon and at times even Radiohead.  Each song has so many layers that it's hard not to be impressed.   But layers and washes of instrumentation are only impressive if the songs are good and while these songs are sometimes a step behind those of the aforementioned bands, they do suggest a whole lot of promise.  

And the promise feels even more believable as you sink deeper into Lovers At Lightspeed.  While the first track, "Song Holiday" sounds like a punchy rollercoaster ride on a skateboard that borders on the line between solid and ordinary, "Deep Into Summer" is as smooth as it is beautiful and addicting.  And by the time you reach the hazy, snowy post-grunge of "The Work (And What May Come)" it becomes immensely clear that this band has a lot of raw melodic talents and plenty of integrity in the studio, crafting cool, druggy introductions and conclusions.  

Whether or not Sugar Glyder always hits a bullseye on Lovers At Lightspeed is sort of irrelevant, because this debut is quite listenable and very fun.  Yeah, music like this is nothing new, but few bands do it as well as Sugar Glyder.  I'll tell you one thing, there is a future for this band.  And as I listen to their two newest singles "Campfire" and "Lost In This Woods," I can say it again: There is a future for this band.  At the very least, Sirius XM's Alt Nation should take notice ASAP. 

Lovers At Lightspeed (EP) by Sugar Glyder