Spirit is one of those bands you should know.  It was fronted Randy California, who as a young teenaged prodigy  had a band called The Blue Flames that would tear it up at the historic Cafe Wha? in the Greenwich Village.  The Blue Flames also featured a dude you might have heard of named Jimi Hendrix.  California, whose real last name was Wolfe, was supposed to join the Jimi Hendrix Experience, but since he was only 15, I guess he was too young to go to England.   In hindsight, I'm sure he regretted that move.  When Spirit broke up some of the remaining members found continued success with a band called Jo Jo Gunne and later with a Country Rock band called Firefall, which put out both a gold and platinum album.

Anyway, let's talk about "Taurus."  It's vocal-less, but it contains a riff which pretty much all guitarists learn a variation of at some point.  The more famous riff is by Led Zeppelin.  As you will hear, a good 90% of it came from the band Spirit first.  

Will you be able to tell which Led Zeppelin song I'm talking about? 


"Taurus" by Spirit

This is a great album