Make It Last Forever by Donna McGhee

There's no easier way to begin this article.  If you want to listen to post-Supremes Diana Ross without listening to post-Supremes Diana Ross, I highly recommend Make It Last Forever by Donna McGhee. Maybe, it's a groundless claim. Certainly Diana Ross, wasn't the only Disco/Soul chick—and definitely not the most quintessential—but my confidence in my suggestion is grounded firmly at the 100% level.  This LP is sexy, provocative and brilliant and it contains none of the good-girl innocence of The Supremes and all the sensuality of 70's Diana Ross.  Maybe more sensuality.  We're talking about a vocal delivery that is almost orgasmic and then parts, which are literally orgasmic.  

One song in particular, "Do As I Do," is 10 minutes long and 90% of it sounds like McGhee is dabbling between singing and using a vibrator.  In some ways this album is a precursor to Prince's 1999—except McGhee doesn't sound like she is faking it, if you know what I mean.  Without saying "fuck," "shit" or any dirty word, Make It Last Forever is an album that Tipper Gore would want to warn parents about.  I mean, here I am, a not-so prudish 23 years old man and I'm almost blushing when I listen to this.  And, yeah, I love it! 

But, holy shit, I'm going to need to put on some deoderant, because this is steaaaaaammmmmy.  I'll be back in one minute.

Back.  Anyway, this album really didn't do a damn thing when it was originally released in 1978.  It could have.  The obvious single It Ain't No Big Thing sounds like a post-Florence Ballard era Supremes single.  It's actually how I discovered this album, having heard it on a Disco/Soul B-side compilation called The Master Of Masterpiece.  I highly recommend that comp. and I will include it below.  

I digress.  No, Make It Last Forever didn't do much in '78 and there isn't a whole lot of critical coverage available, however, it has become a cult favorite.  A lot of people want this album.  Go to a popular database like Discogs and you'll see that 1056 of registered users have indicated that it's on their wishlist.  That may not seem like a lot, but in the music industry, if you can move (aka sell) 1000 units of vinyl, the title is worth pressing.   Therefore, I'm not surprised that Make It Last Forever has been reissued several times in the last few years.  It just makes sense.  

But, you don't care about any of that shit, do you? Of course you don't—I don't even care, so why should you?  I'll shut up and you can listen now. 

Make It Last Forever by Donna McGhee

And as promised...The Master Of Masterpiece