Songs From Another Love by Tom Odell

Forget the Jeff Buckley comparisons.  Tom Odell is no Jeff Buckley and any music critic who insists on leading readers to that conclusion ought to have their head examined for severe cases of overeagerness and sensationalism.  There isabsolutely a vocal resemblance, but Buckley's range and expressiveness was otherworldly and Odell's is great—one full step below amazing.  He's somewhere in the class of Marcus Mumford, Taylor Goldsmith, Chris Martin and James Blunt.  But, there I go making comparisons.  In the end, 22 year-old Tom Odell is Tom Odell and he's doing a more than fine job at being him.  

Songs From Another Love proves that this singer/songwriter from Chichester, England is already a fully developed talent.  His songwriting arsenal is diverse and sophisticated.  "Hold Me" and "Can't Pretend" aren't quite hits, but they are impressive singles.  On the other hand, "Sense" is a genuine songwriter's songwriter track—performed with brilliant and appropriate sensitivity, I might add.  

Tom Odell still needs to develop that extra little something to be a force on the charts.  But if he writes a seriously kick-ass hook, he may be unstoppable.   If he doesn't, he'll have a career playing small to medium-sized rock clubs.  There is a lot of promise here, so let's see if delivers the goods later on.  

Tom Odell is currently on tour in support of his full-length debut Long Way Down.  Unfortunately, it is not on Spotify as of yet. 

Songs From Another Love by Tom Odell