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Hottie...I mean, Sheryl Crow

Back in 1993, I was four-years old.  Here's some things I remember about being four:

1. The man my parents listened to was named James Taylor.

2. The woman my parents listened to was named Carly Simon.

3. James Taylor and Carly Simon were married just like my mom and dad.

4. Unlike my mom and dad, James Taylor and Carly Simon decided to get a divorce.

5. Divorce is when moms and dads decide they don't want to live together anymore.

6. Divorce is scary!

7. I wished no one ever told me what divorce was. 

8. I hoped my mom and dad would never get divorced.

9. The toys in happy meals weren't anywhere near as good the toys I'd get for my birthday.

10. The Cheesecake Factory wasn't anywhere near as good as McDonalds.

11. Anyone who thought Burger King was better than Mcdonalds was dumber than Barney.

12. Very few things were dumber than Barney.   

The thing I have intentionally saved to tell you last is that I had a crush on Sheryl Crow.  It's been 20 years and I still love the song "All I Wanna Do."

Heres a series of Fun-Facts: 

Fun Fact: I once asked my mom if she could call Sheryl Crow to see if "she wanted to have fun with me."

Fun Fact: Not much has changed. I'd still like to have fun with Sheryl Crow.

Fun Fact: I wouldn't realize this until years later, but Crow's sexy, street-smart lyrics, singing and melodies made her the Rickie Lee Jones of the 90's.

Fun Fact: The so-called "Dean of American Rock Critics," Robert Christgau rated the song's corresponding album a   — aka, "it might impress with consisting craft or an arresting track or two.  Then it won't."

Fun Fact: If Robert Christgau knew jack shit about playing music or writing songs, he would be a (multi) Grammy-Award winning, multi-platinum artist like Sheryl Crow instead of a not that clever, intentional over-simplifier like Robert Chritstgau. 

Fun Fact: Since Robert Christgau has never attempted to play music—unlike some other (better) critics—he only thinks he knows what he is talking about.  

Fun Fact: An incredibly successful and largely acclaimed singer/songwriter knows more about what's good in music than someone who writes for The Village Voice—or someone who owns and operates a blog called

Fun Fact: I would trust Sheryl Crow's opinion about the most avant-garde, least poppy music over Robert Christgau's opinion any day.  

Fun Fact: The public said—a whopping 7.6 million times—that they loved Sheryl Crow and her debut album  Tuesday Night Music Club.  That's 7.6 million people who were impressed, Mr. Christgau.

Fun Fact: The record-buying public always knows what they're talking about, because they are listening with their ears and not their brains.  

The best parts of "All I Wanna Do" are (in chronological order):

1. When she says "Hit It."

2. When she begins playing the addicting, funky guitar riff.

3. When she sings the verse and extends it for as long as possible—Truth: This is extremely Bob Dylan-esque. 

4. When the guitar slides, introducing the pre-chorus. 

5. When she sings the chorus.

6. The drum fill before the song begins an outro (4:16)—nice work, Brian MacLeod.

7. The slower rhythm in the end combined with the heavenly 70's-style fender rhodes.

"All I Wanna Do" by Sheryl Crow

Like I said earlier, Sheryl Crow was the "Rickie Lee Jones Of The 90's"