Live: Blow Your Face Out  By J. Geils Band


J. Geil's band formed in Boston in 1967.  A sextet, they developed a cult following and made several attempts to release a hit record.   For the most part, those attempts fell flat until 1980 when they reached number one with a song called "Centerfold."  Their following release—and their third live record—Showtime went gold and then, all of sudden, J. Geils Band started to implode.   It began when frontman Peter Wolf called it quits in 1983.  That was a pretty big loss and the rest of the band followed his lead in 1985.  

J. Geil's Band, decided to pack up their instruments and hit the road once again in 1999.  Then twice again in 2005.  Then thrice again in 2009.  2012 marked another reunion tour, but let's just say guitarist J. Geils refused to get on the bus  and the others left him behind.  Geils filed a lawsuit against his former bandmates, because he didn't appreciate the band's continued use of his name.  I can understand why he is pissed.  I'd be a little ticked off if Sean Penn or Harold Ramis started a blog called

Anyway, we were supposed to talk about an album, weren't we? Well, remember when I told you that Showtime was the group's third live album in 15 years? That should indicate something, right? Actually, it does! 

This band absolutely kills it live! That's how they became a cult favorite.  Their repertoire consisted of originals, Doo Wop and Soul standards.  In many ways, it would be accurate to describe J. Geils Band as a bar band that played arenas.  

And when you listen to Live: Blow Your Face Out, the group's second live album, it's pretty clear why J. Geil's Band play such large venues.  In nearly 75 minutes, they never miss their mark.  It is an absolute party and the fun doesn't stop between songs.  Frontman Peter Wolf is hilarious! He used to be a Radio DJ, so it makes sense that he is as good at speaking as he is at singing.  

Live: Blow Your Face Out was never a hit at the cash register like Frampton Comes Alive.  But like Peter Frampton's seminal masterpiece, it's one of the best live albums of all time.  

Live: Blow Your Face Out By J. Geils Band