I'LL KEEP THIS QUICK:  Circa. 1967-68.  File under "cult legends."  This group barely scratched The Billboard 200—they peaked at exactly number 200.  A band—but essentially songwriter Tom Rapp—Pearls Before Swine created an interesting blend of folk, garage rock and psychedlia.   The results aren't always perfect.  Rapp's natural quiver has the tendency to sound like a parody of the dullest folk singers of the era.  On the other hand, his earnestness, combined with the varied sonics of his unique songwriting, keeps the music mostly interesting and always enigmatic.   They were able to sell 250,000 copies of their debut record—believe it or not, only a handful of artists are selling that much today.  It's not essential listening, but if we're talking cool obscure music of the 60s, it's essential to give Pearls Before Swine a shout out.  

The Complete ESP-Disk Recordings by Pearls Before Swine